Posted by: wasatchprotocol | December 1, 2009

Pressing Skis

Well, after bending the edges and placing the tip and tail inserts it was finally time to get to the pressing.  I had tested out my vacuum ON/OFF system –  which pulls vacuum until a certain pressure is achieved and then shuts it off, and then turns it back on if the vacuum pressure drops too low – and it worked perfectly.  Game time.

I got the mold out, double checked the camber/rocker ribs, which looked good.  Next some peel ply to keep epoxy off the mold, then on with the bases.

For the rest of the layup I forgot to take any photos.  But it went like this:  Bases.  Epoxy.  VDS rubber around the edges.  Epoxy.  Fiberglass.  Epoxy.  Wood core.  Epoxy.  Fiberglass.  Epoxy.  Graphics.  Epoxy.  Topsheet.

So then I set up the bagging for the vacuum press and started the vacuum.  I had some issues here, but after dealing with it and calming down I thought “Well, it was the first attempt, oh well.  Maybe I’ll at least get something that looks good and can go on a wall.”

A few days later I take them out….  They  look pretty sweet at this point.  Those air bubbles are under the contact paper on the topsheet, not under the topsheet.

Bases look pretty good.  Edges aren’t perfect, but hey.

Base and edges out of the press.

Flat camber, tip and tail rocker (tips on the right).

Another view of the whole thing.  Just gotta trim off all the extra material and we’ll see how they hold up…  Maybe they’ll actually be skiable.

Looking good...



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