Posted by: wasatchprotocol | December 18, 2009

2009.12.18 Ready to go.

After work today I put the finishing touches on the ‘Wasatch Protocol Model Ones’.  I structured the bases, sharpened the edges, cleaned the bases, and gave them some wax.  We don’t have any fresh snow, but I’m considering taking them for a lap or two at the resort tomorrow before switching to some more appropriate skis.  Photos:

Wax on.

Don’t mind that little base blemish…  Shape and camber looks pretty fun.

Letting the wax cool a bit before scraping the excess off.

Looking pretty decent:

Here are the final specs:

Length:  191 cm

Dimensions:  146-121-127

Camber underfoot: 0

Tip rocker:  40 cm length, ~5.2 cm total rise

Tail Rocker:  30 cm length, ~3.2 cm total rise

Basic description:  I modeled this pair of skis somewhat on the DPS Lotus 120s.  Zero camber and tip and tail rocker should make it a very maneuverable ski in soft snow, despite being very stiff.  The dimensions make for a big shovel (albeit with a lot of taper), wide underfoot, and a pintail design to increase flotation.  Paired with the camber profile it should plane and slarve well in soft snow and the stiffness should make it a stable ride.

All that is left now is to test it.


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