Posted by: wasatchprotocol | December 20, 2009

12.20.2009 Homebuilt Sticks Finally On Snow

I was planning on touring this weekend, but some other stuff came up.  Steph and I were able to squeeze some laps in this morning at the Bird.  And I was able to test out the Model Ones for the first time.  Model One, yeah I know, not too creative, but it’s appropriate.

I’ll be honest, I had some issues with my press, so the skis did not get a completely even press.  I thought I’d end up hanging them up on a wall for a decoration.   But after the press/cure they felt pretty decent.  Stiff as shit, but still good.  One ski with a bit more rocker (vertical-wise) than the other.  But they felt solid.  They both flexed ok.

One of the first telemark turns.

Here’s Steph.  Already a lot of improvement since last season.

Shredding the corduroy.  Hah!  Hey, if the skis can hold up to hardpack, they’ll definitely hold up in pow.

Steph’s got cold hands, hence the big gloves.


You can see the rockered tips here.

My pants look a bit short here… they usually don’t…  But you can see the camber profile of the skis to some degree.

Down shots of the skis.

All in all, I’m happy.  Very happy.  These 121-waisted skis were better on hardpack than my BD Megawatts (125 waist, produced by a major company.)  They felt similar, although maybe a bit bulkier, than my PMGear Lhasa Pows (Prototypes though).  And the Lhasa Pows are a 112 waist.  Another plus with the Model Ones is that since they’re rockered in both the tip and tail, and flat cambered, if you release the edges, you can pivot a quick slide/slarve turn on a dime.

Just gotta get them into some pow and there will be a full review.  And I’ll take some POV footage.



  1. They look pretty sweet! This is my new favorite blog!

  2. dig it!!!! they look tight. just noticed that the top shot is also on my background…kudos steve.

    my new favorite bloaggggg as well

  3. my lawyer will be in touch with you about the copyrighted use of my photography.

  4. click on the “about wp” tab. that’s been there since the start.

    lawyer…. pfffft.

    it’s a rather well done photo steve. really captures the gnar of the day.

  5. My gloves are not that big. Why do you need to point that out?

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