Posted by: wasatchprotocol | December 23, 2009

12.23.2009 Model One Update

Headed up to Snowbird this morning with 6-ish inches of new snow.  I put the Model Ones through a pretty decent conditions test.  Hardpack, bumps, chopped up snow, windbuff,  and 4-12″ of pow in spots.

Surpisingly…  the skis again killed it.  I am somewhat astounded.  I was almost sure that as soon as I got them into some bumpy and variable conditions (definitely hit some rocks today) that they would fall apart or at least blow an edge.

Negative.  My only gripe so far is due to the bindings I have mounted on them.  My particular pair of 3pin HWs are starting to get a bit worn and loose.  I’d love to transfer a pair of O1s onto them…  Maybe some other time.

Back to the gloating.  The Model Ones carve like a much narrower ski.  This is the most surprising thing.  They pivot super fast.  This is not so surprising – flat camber with rockered tips and tails.  They are probably one of the most ‘stable’ feeling pairs of skis I’ve ever ridden.  By stable, I mean that I feel solid and confident on them when skiing through crusty/thick/variable snow, when at high speeds, and when taking some air on them.  It’s all easy.  I think I pretty much nailed it.

One problem though.  When I got home tonight after work I noticed that I had some delamination up by the rockered tip on the ski that I had some core profiling issues on.  I’ll let it dry and patch it up with some good epoxy and hopefully they’ll hold up for a while longer.

I tried to take some POV today, but the batteries were kinda fried.  I may have gotten one or two clips, which I’ll post here tomorrow if I get the chance.


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