Posted by: wasatchprotocol | December 29, 2009

Winter 2009-2010 ‘To Do’ List

In no particular order, here are some of the lines I have yet to get to.  More may be added.  Tis the season to check them off the list I think.

1.  The Y Couloir

2.  Little Pine Chute

3.  Mt. Raymond from the summit

4.  Superior North

5.  Superior South

6.  Mt. Nebo NW Couloir

7.  The Sliver

8.  Lone Peak

9.  Coalpit

Edit: Added some more.

10.  Tanner’s

11.  The Hypodermic Needle

12.  Kessler West

13.  Kessler East

14.  Coalpit #4

I’d better get started soon. ..

And then there’s a few that need to be repeated each year, just because.

1.  Mt. Timpanogos Cold Fusion Couloir w/ mountain bike approach (video)

2.  Deseret Peak Twin Chutes (video)

3.  The Hallway Couloir (video)

4.  Mt. Hayden in the Uintas.  But we’ll have to explore some new lines.  (video)

On another note, I toured with Kristian this morning around some of White Pine and Scottie’s Bowl.  The snow was pretty decent, but no noteworthy pictures.  Might have to head back out later in the week.


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