Posted by: wasatchprotocol | January 17, 2010

2010.01.17 Little Pine Chute

The Wasatch is seriously hurting for snow right now, and we haven’t gotten any significant snowfall since New Year’s Eve.  And we’ve had some windy days, some hot days and some cold days.  Consequently, the conditions in the backcountry are quite variable right now.  The last few times out, the snow has been pretty bad, so I thought we’d forget about the snow for the day and ski something because of the line quality instead.  I’ve been eyeing Little Pine Chute for a while now.  And it’s on the ‘checklist’.  I managed to rope Mike and Todd in for the outing.

Here’s a link to Bob ‘The Wizard’ Athey’s website.  He snapped a great picture of Little Pine from back in White Pine.



On a warm sunny day like today without recent snow, the snowshoer crowds hit up the White Pine trailhead like fat kids on cupcakes, clogging up the trail.  Luckily, we were going across the way.

Snowshoers won't be hitting that up.

A quick skin to the base of the chute.

Todd approaching the chute.

Looking up.

It was a decent bootpack up.  And it was hot.  At least it felt hot with the sun on our backs.  We didn’t go all the way to the ridge, but stopped in the chute a little before it opens up at the top.

Nice views.

The snow on the way down was a bit variable, but stable.  There was a thick crust on the way up, but the sun softened it nicely in most places.  And we had some rocks and boulders to navigate around.



Tank Johnson

Almost down

Fun day chuting.


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