Posted by: wasatchprotocol | February 8, 2010

Updated 2009-2010 To Do List

I’m getting sick of countless tours in Mill D, Grizzly, Butler and the other meadow skipping spots.  The current snowpack sucks and is pretty much like rolling dice once you venture out on slopes above 30 degrees.  Some people are skiing steep lines and getting away with it.  Others are getting their legs broke or worse on not quite as steep lines.  The lack of snow in the forecast might be a good thing and help heal the depth hoar.

Maybe in a couple of weeks things will have settled a bit.  For now, I’ll continue meadow skipping through the aspens and building skis.  Although there is a percolation in my brain happening about driving to a somewhat nearby mountain range.  Maybe.  Schedule isn’t the most flexible in terms of trips at the moment.

Still in no particular order.  Most of these are not safe to hit yet.

Edited on 03/31/2010.  Touring season is finally here…

1.  The Y Couloir

2.  Little Pine Chute Condition weren’t so nice, but it was fun to hit it while it was safe.  Video.

3.  Mt. Raymond from the summit

4.  Superior North

5.  Superior South here

6.  Mt. Nebo NW Couloir here

7.  The Sliver

8.  Lone Peak

9.  Coalpit

10.  Tanner’s

11.  The Hypodermic Needle

12.  Kessler West

13.  Kessler East

14.  Coalpit #4

15.  Benson and Hedges Couloir

And then there’s a few that need to be repeated each year, just because.

1.  Mt. Timpanogos Cold Fusion Couloir w/ mountain bike approach (video)

2.  Deseret Peak Twin Chutes (video)

3.  The Hallway Couloir (video)

4.  Mt. Hayden in the Uintas.  But we’ll have to explore some new lines.  (video)



  1. Awesome list. I’ve been looking for a bit of inspiration and noticed a few that I’ve not gotten on that list.

    Loved the Cold Fusion vid – definately want to tag that one this year

  2. Thanks man. I was hoping to have already hit a bunch more of these, but what can you do? Should have time for a decent amount of them still.

    Cold Fusion is a classic. We’ve made it an annual bike approach tour.

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