Posted by: wasatchprotocol | March 4, 2010

Cores and Template

Last weekend I milled the base side of the Model Two cores flat with the router and router bridge.  Then I shaped the ski template.  The ski will be like a 6 mm narrower version of my Model Ones, with a little extra tail to create more sidecut.  An the cores will be thinned out more for a lighter ski.

Link to some artsy photos that Steph took.

Here are the cores.  Fir stringers give them a darker wood racing stripe down the middle.

Model One template on the left.  Model Two template on the right.

Wow, there’s actually some sidecut.  Not a huge amount – the ski still has an overall pintail shape, but the shortened turning radius should add some versatility.

Next I have to repeat the milling of the top side of the cores with the router bridge setup, but while using a customized rails to create the flex profile of the core.  Basically make the core thinner in the tips and tails (~2-3 mm) and thicker underfoot (~11 or 12 mm).  Dunno when I’m going to get to that though.  This whole getting research papers published and writing a dissertation thing is taking a lot of time.


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