Posted by: wasatchprotocol | March 12, 2010

2010.03.11 – Mt. Superior South Face

Superior. Grabbed from Taken by someone named Miro I think. I don't know much more than that.

Well, it’s been staring at me for years.  Or rather, I’ve been staring at it every time I’ve been skiing in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Wills asked me if I wanted to go check it out since the conditions looked potentially perfect – no avy danger, some new snow from the day before, and decent visibility (mostly).  So we met at 6 AM and started up.  The snow seemed nice and light, and safe.  Game on.  The bootpack from Little Superior over to the summit was in great shape so we were to the top in no time.  The skiing was great.  There were several scratchy sections in two of the chokes, but there were also a few 3-4 foot deep sections.  The flatter bottom section leading to the road was getting manky by 10 AM.  Perhaps we should have started at 5 AM to get the whole face in blower pow, but oh well.  Several other groups had the same idea as us, so by the time we were driving down canyon it had been hammered pretty good.

Video:  Skiers are Nate Blouin, Wills Hapworth, Ole Skardal (2nd cousin from Norway), and myself.  Due to the cloud at the top of the run and the strong sun throughout the rest, portions of the footage are a bit washed out.  Whatever.



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