Posted by: wasatchprotocol | March 13, 2010

2010.03.13 – Lake Peak SE Couloir

Lake Peak, also known as No Name Baldy.  Some maps also label it Thunder Mountain.  It sits on the ridge between White Pine and Red Pine and is home to several fun shots.  There’s a NW bowl – Boulder Basin, a N or NE steep face, and a the SE Couloir that faces due east.

Lake Peak. The north face straight ahead and Boulder Basin over on the right. I've skied both a couple of times.

I tried to ski the couloir last year, but the cornice on top was pretty massive so we backed off and skied the north face instead.  Wills and I were going to ski it earlier this season but were turned around by a big wind increase causing the slope we were climbing to quickly set up into a worrisome slab.

Here is a shot of the SE Couloir that I took two years ago when Steve and I were camping in White Pine. The north face is visible on the right.

Today Wills, Ole, and I returned for redemption.  It was snowing and windy most of the day, but we did it.

Video is up:


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