Posted by: wasatchprotocol | April 10, 2010

2010.04.10 – The Y Couloir

Well, the plan was actually to ski the Coalpit Headwall with Wills and Nate via the Y Couloir.  Unfortunately, Wills felt like death (I swear I saw what looked like coughed up blood along the bootpack) and I was having some issues with my foot.  Fortunately, when we decided to forego Coalpit, we were sitting on top of the Y – a worthwhile line in itself.

The Y.  You see it every time you drive up or down Little Cottonwood Canyon.  3000 feet vertical, although that’s not always obvious from the road.

The Y Couloir.

Nate and Wills booting the Y.

Getting up there. LCC road down below.

The whole upper half of the couloir skied great.  Dry consolidated snow.  The lower half not so much.  It was a mix of ice, runnels, debris, and a few pockets of decent snow.

Wills charging. Nate looking on.




Nate cruising.

Wills in the lower section of the Y.

Wills just above the apron.

I love skiing couloirs, so bailing on Coalpit ended up being alright.  Coalpit isn’t going anywhere.



  1. yeah! haha i saw the bloody lugies too. let me know next time you got the camera out so you can get ahead of me!

  2. Ok, good, I wasn’t the only one thinking Wills was turning into a zombie during the bootpack. Kid is insane.

  3. I think I figured out my boot problem. I got a few wrinkles during the thermofit. Gotta rebake them and they might be golden. Hopefully…

  4. […] Blouin from a couple of posts from last year in Utah.  We skied Superior together as well as the Y Couloir.  He had a bit of a setback late last season when he jumped a cliff and the Bird and hit a tree, […]

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