Posted by: wasatchprotocol | May 2, 2010

2010.05.01 – Little Chute on Baldy

The recent round of storms wasn’t letting up so Steve and I thought we’d go ski something on Baldy in pow.  Normally when we go up to Baldy this time of year we’re skiing corn snow.  Not so today.

Skinning near the top of Mt. Baldy. We shared some trail breaking duties with another group. Although I guess Steve broke trail for the longest.

It's still looking a lot like winter up here.

Steve entering the chute.

Looking down Little Chute. Visibility was not so good. We were the first ones here. No other tracks to see.




It was pretty deep.

Nearing the end of the chute.

The snow in the chute was probably 1-3 feet deep, depending on where you were.  A little bit of greenhouse effect had heated the snow up a little making it a bit on the heavy side.  It still skied great though.  The bondage between the storm snow and the old surface wasn’t great, resulting in a lot of sluffs that packed a punch.

After skiing the chute and the apron below it was a short skin up to the High T.  We traversed over to Highboy for the shot down to the car.  The snow here was even better.  Faceshots almost all the way down.

Steve at the top of Highboy.

Steve. Pointing or something...

Steve, you've got something on your face.

Not bad for May 1st.



  1. i like it

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