Posted by: wasatchprotocol | May 15, 2010

“Graduation” and Bringing Dad Up Baldy and Down Main Chute

So I had my PhD defense last Tuesday.  It went well.  I passed.  Now I just have to make some revisions to my written dissertation before it becomes official.  It’s funny.  Everyone’s calling me Dr. already…  Weird.

On Friday I took part in the University of Utah College of Engineering Convocation.  Despite not being 100% finished, since I’m graduating the summer, they told me I should go, otherwise I would have to wait another year if I wanted to be part of any ceremony type thing.  So my parent flew in for it.  Barely.  Due to thunderstorms in Chicago – who would have thought… heh – they almost didn’t make it.  Despite it being a bit anti-climatic, I’m glad I went.  I was “hooded” which is the ceremonial process of other faculty PhDs putting the doctorate hood over you head.  As far as I can tell it’s sort of a welcoming into their ranks.  Only thing is, because PhDs go first, before Masters and BSc’s, and it’s alphabetical by department, which is Bioengineering, I was the 4th person to go.  There were about 600 more.  A lot of the other recently hooded “PhDs” around me were texting for the rest of the time…

Here are a few photos:

After convocation.

After convocation with Steph

I had told my dad to bring his ski boots since we’ve been getting a lot of late season snow.  He’s never skied in May before, despite growing up in Norway!  Blasphemy.  So I took him up through Alta to ski Main Chute on Baldy.  Alta is closed for the season, so skinning was the preferred method of travel.

Skinning. Baldy up in the background.

It was a nice day.  The sun was out.

Wind slab ripples.

Superior across the way. That was one of the best runs of the season.

Towards the end Dad got tired from a combination of elevation and booting.  So I helped out.

Me carrying an extra pair of skis up the final push to the top.

At the top. Timpanogos in the background.

After a sandwich on the summit it was time to ski.  With a choice of Main Chute, Little Chute, or Dogleg, we ended up choosing Main.  No previous tracks in it meant smooth creamed corn snow all the way down.

Dad dropping over the cornice into the chute.

First turn.

Snow's pretty decent. Dad in the upper reaches of the chute.

Cruising down further.


Dad in the lower part of the chute.



Almost out of the chute.

Nice lines.

Lower down the snow was sloppy and sticky, but there was a groomed path back to the bottom that had corned up nicely.  Pretty good May 8th morning.


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