Posted by: wasatchprotocol | June 3, 2010

New Music of Note

Every month or so I do a search for new music.  This time around the result was quite successful.  Here are a few notable albums I’ve been listening to recently.

1. The Black Keys – Brothers

Bluesy goodness.  1 guitar and 1 drumset.  Here’s the first single Tighten Up:

2. Gogol Bordello – Trans-Continental Hustle

This album is very good.  It might be a bit weird at first to most people.  It’s been labeled gypsy punk in the past.  I guess that’s about as accurate as you can get.
A few songs from their last album Super Taranta:

3. Jónsi – Go

Here’s a strange one.  Jónsi was/is the lead singer of the Icelandic group Sigur Rós, who had been pumping out weird but good music for years.  They were voted the best artist of all time in Iceland.  I guess the question then is, who other than Bjork were they up against?  Regardless, they are good.  Jónsi is a bit similar, but much more upbeat.  Here’s Svefn G Englar by Sigur Rós for some background and Do Go by Jónsi (some video…).

Ok, now back to some semblance of normalcy.

4. The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards

This is Jack White’s (of White Stripes fame) newest project, and interestingly he plays the drums at times.  Not quite as weird as the White Stripes, and a lot harder and edgier than the Raconteurs (his last side project).  The Dead Weather have a clear blues rock sound, but add a whole lot of distortion and sharp sounds and piercing vocals.  Pretty good stuff.  Not very soothing though.

5. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Not so new, but I’ve been listening to it a lot.


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