Posted by: wasatchprotocol | July 2, 2010

July 2nd, and Main Chute is still in!

Paul joined me for this morning’s outing.  The goal was to find some decent snow and ski something more interesting than “Gunsight”.  I thought that Main Chute on Baldy might still go, so we decided to check it out.  We had to walk a little bit here and there and shimmy over some dirt, grass, and rocks before reaching the Baldy apron.  After that it was up to the mouth of the chute and a quick boot to the top.  As you’ll see, the chute was in incredible shape for July.  I’ve never skied it this late in the season.  We also ran into some other guys up there, also getting their July turns in.

Some of the photos below were taken by Paul V.

Early... Photo by Paul V.

Paul skinning up the lower sections of Alta at about 7 AM this morning.

Going to the top.

Booting up the couloir.

Topping out. Photo by Paul.

Paul dealing with his skins.

The Wasatch is getting a bit thin as of late. Photo by Paul.

Chute looks good. Time to get it did.

Out of the chute, into the apron. Photo by Paul.

My sweet new fedora hat almost fell off around here. Close call! Photo by Paul.

Stoked. Photo by Paul.

All before the moon set. Photo by Paul.



  1. glad to see _someone_ telemark skiing. nice touch on the hat bra, ps: looks like you’re wearing a hockey jersey or something.

    • Well, I’d be more than happy to break out the telemark gear Friday or Saturday if you wanna go check out Devil’s Castle… Don’t criticize. You were on a boat.

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