Posted by: wasatchprotocol | July 11, 2010

More Summer Skiing, and reflections – July 9th – Devil’s Castle

(Video is down at the bottom)

Steve’s been making fun of me lately for doing the Dynafit thing…  I get it.  I was very against anything resembling a non-telemark turn for a while.  However, over the last season, with more of my ski tours having longer distance targets than previously, I made the leap.  Ironically, I ‘m now leaving the state for the east coast in a couple of months.  Better ski while I can, right?

Steve is back on snow, and not on the water! Yay!

So I told Steve that if he’d get out of bed on Friday to join me for some summer skiing, I’d bring one of my telemark setups instead of the Dynafit one.  We thought we would go back to a perennial July favorite up at Devil’s Castle.  Usually by now the summer road is open to the Catherine’s Pass lot or the Albion campground lot so it’s a short walk to the snow.   Or if the touristards are around, we throw our skis into the Albion-Ski-Lot-to-Albion-CG shuttle and deal with the many “Whoa!  Do you guys really think you’ll find snow up there?!!!”

We generally reply “Yeah, plenty of snow up there.  See those lines up there on the snow?  That was us a few days ago.”

But since we’re assholes, we’re actually thinking “Hey tard-face, are you blind?  Do you not see the turns up there on the GIANT piece of snow?  It’s only a 45 minute walk away.”

This year the road wasn’t open yet.  So we walked.  No biggie.  We took the scenic approach, and got there eventually.

My first telemark turn of the day was up in the steep apex of the Devil’s Castle.  It’s funny, Steve and I did this same thing 4 years ago.  It was probably our 3rd or 4th time touring together.  At that point I thought that it was steep.  The first turn was scary.  A newb in Utah with a single season of skiing at Alta under my belt.  Wow how things change…

Devil’s Castle isn’t scary any more.  At all.  And I’m at times baffled at how shots like this could have been scary.  Some of the lines I’ve skied in the UT backcountry over the last couple of years would have been unfathomable to me 5 years ago.  Today I beg for steeps.  I love a little exposure – just enough to make the line something where you need to ski it clean.  A fall would not necessarily mean death, but you’d probably have a miserable ride to the hospital.  Or death in a few cases.

Today, not so much.  We had a leisurely boot up the DC apron.

Steve aka Sergio, starting the booter.

It’s going to be hard to leave Utah cuz of friends and the surrounding nature.  Guess I will have to embrace the east coast singletrack once again….  Getting kind of stoked on some non-rocky trails actually…

Still gotta ski in August before I leave though.  Looks like Gunsight or a walk up to the Timpanogos snowfield.

Who’s in???  I’ll bring the post-ski beers.

Today’s fun:



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