Posted by: wasatchprotocol | July 21, 2010

Model Twos… Gotta get’em done

My goal is to finish this pair of skis within the next week or so for 2 reasons.  1) I need to get rid of my ski building equipment before we move to NC.  2) I want to ski them.  Ski them?   It’s August silly.  Well, there’s still snow up there, and I have to get one day in during August to finally complete a cycle of Turns All Year.

So I got out in the garage again.

I glued my cores together and use my router bridge to flatten the base-side of them a few months back.  I also cut out the template used for the shape of the ski.   So I’m pretty far along already.

Things left to do:

1) Mill the topsheet-side of the cores to get the right flex profile.

2) Cut the bases out.

3) Bend the edges and glue them to the bases.

4) Cut tip and tail spacers for the cores.

5) Figure out some graphics.

6) Press

7) Finishing

On Monday afternoon I took care of 2 and 3.

Bases are cut. Bending, glueing, and clamping the edges on.

Clamped on.

Almost done with the first base.

Tuesday I finished profiling core number 1.  Hopefully core number 2 will be finished today or tomorrow.  Then it’s tip spacers, graphics, and pressing.  Progress is looking good at this point.

The Model Twos will be something like the following:

189 cm


Camber underfoot: 0.5 cm

Tip Rocker: 30-40 cm length, 7 cm total rise

Tail Rocker: 10-15 cm length, 4 cm total rise


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