Posted by: wasatchprotocol | July 22, 2010

Cores done. Mold Adjusted.

Just about ready to press the Model Twos.  I finished the cores.  Just a little sanding to do.

3 pine stringers on each side of 2 central fir stringers. I hope the fir stringers show up darker when wetted with the epoxy.

Here’s a look at the core profile.  Kinda thick in the middle (but not as thick as the Model Ones) to give a still stiff, but hopefully slightly more poppy core.  These two cores are tapered off just about evenly.  No cracks or divots.  They should result in a better quality of build than the Model Ones, as well as a ski that is not as burly – but still stiff enough for me.

Core profile.

Tip and tail spacers:  Last time I used a circular spacer cutout, but cutting a circle out of wood and PE with a knife is a pain in the ass.  So I tried a square, straight lines being much easier to cut.  Difference in the ski should be negligible.

Tip and tail spacers.

After that, I adjusted the ribs in my mold.  I’m giving this ski a little higher of a rocker in the front, but with a little less length.  In the back I’m shortening and lessening the degree of rocker.  The big difference is that where the Model Ones had zero camber (aka flat from front rocker to tail rocker), the Model Twos will get a little (0.5-1.0 cm) camber underfoot.  I’m unsure how it’ll end up.  Curing is tricky…  If it works, the ski will still be good in soft snow, but also be more responsive on the hard stuff.

Camber produced by the ribs placed in the mold. Hopefully it works out nicely...

The materials are ready to go.  Pressing will commence shortly – within the next few days.  The only thing left to figure out is the graphics.  My plan is to let a lot of the wood core show since it should result in beautifully contrasting pine and fir wood.

Stay tuned….  I should be finished with these soon.  And then I’ll be testing them on some late July or early August snow…  That’ll be interesting.


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