Posted by: wasatchprotocol | August 2, 2010

2010.07.31 – “Hurt in the Dirt” Race

“Hurt in the Dirt.”  That sounds promising…

I guess some folks up in Ogden were bored of the usual running races or biking races and wanted to create something new.  The result was Hurt in the Dirt.  A trail run and mountain bike duathalon.

How it works is as follows.  2 running laps (each lap is just under 2 miles), 2 bike laps (each lap is 5 miles), 2 more running laps, and 2 more bike laps.  That makes it almost 8 miles of running and 20 miles of biking.  You can do it individually or as a team.  I was originally signed up to do it by myself, but ended up joining one of our friends Josalyn, since her partner canceled.

Here are maps of the course.  Red is running, blue is riding, orange is the transition area.

Street map view.

Satellite view.

I started us off.  2 running laps and 2 biking laps before Josalyn repeated that to finish.

Luckily, we had a personal photographer.  As is usual, Steph ran around taking pictures of the action.

5 PM start time.

A true shotgun start. Very loud.

The start was nuts.  200+ people at the finish line quickly being squished together on the narrow trail around the corner.  I jumped over a log fence and accidentally kicked the top log off just as some lady was landing on it.  She ate it pretty good.  First wipeout of the day.

I should explain that this isn’t your normal trail run or mountain bike ride.  The running course takes you up and down steep hills, over multiple series of waist high downed trees and logs, and through creeks.  I was surprised at how tiring it was to vault over the logs, climb out of the creek, scoot under tree branches, and run down hills without getting tripped up by the roots and logs at the bottom.

Early on in the race. I should have worn different shorts. My MTB baggies were kind of annoying to run in.

Up a steep set of stairs, then down the other side.

Up and down a short but steep hill. I almost ate it jumping over the roots at the bottom.

After 2 laps, it was transition time.  The bike portion of the course was easier in my opinion.  Some grass, some fire road, and a bunch of smooth windy singletrack through the woods with a few log obstacles that you could usually just ride over.  However, there were some tough sections.  A sandy and pebbly beach along the river where you pretty much had no choice but to hike your bike, several steep or long climbs, and a long sandpit requiring more hiking.  Not too bad though.

Starting the bike portion.

Coming in to the end of my bike portion. Josalyn's turn.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of some of the more technical sections of the bike course since they were a ways out from the finish/transition area.  Now I got to relax while Josalyn got Hurt.

Starting strong through the first creek crossing.

We had some stormy weather roll in for a while.

Some of the wind bursts were crazy. One took down the start/finish arch.

Josalyn, almost finished with her first bike lap.

Meanwhile, I was hanging out with Steph, Danny and Wesley.

Nice to be done.

Danny was pretending to throw Wesley in the river.

Soon enough, Josalyn came around for our finish.

Josalyn finished at the same time as Dan, a friend, finished.

Time for some liquid recovery at the finish.

Roosters Pale Ale in our sweet Hurt in the Dirt mugs.

All in all, it was a super fun race.  I think I could have handled 2 more bike laps pretty easily.  2 more running laps would have been kind of rough since I’ve only been running a little bit since the Sawtooth Relay.  Too many other activities to do!  If you like trail running and mountain biking, I highly recommend this race.  Hopefully it sticks around and grows over the next few years.

Oh, I almost forgot.  This is part of Josalyn’s training regiment:



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