Posted by: wasatchprotocol | August 2, 2010

2010.08.01 – Turns All Year and Model Twos on the Snow

I completed two milestones today.  1) I finally completed a Turns All Year cycle, which means I skied in 12 consecutive months.  2) I got to ski my Model Two skis.

My friend Kristian and I headed back up to Alta to chase down some remaining snow.  The original plan was to hike up and ski Gunsight, but it looked a little thin, so we bypassed it and headed up to the Devil’s Castle Apron (Steve and I skied it a few weeks ago).  It’s melting out quickly, but still provided enough snow for some turns, although it was suncupped and full of rocks.

Devil's Castle Apron on August 1st

My Model Twos weren’t the best choice of ski for the snow up there as they’re kind of fat and rockered.  But today was about getting them on snow before leaving Utah.  They worked well enough.  In fact, the rockered tips may have helped “smooth out” some of the massive suncups on the snow.

Model Twos before being mounted.

Here are the skis and the turns made:

The snow wasn’t great, but we had a good time.  12 months in a row:  Check.




  1. […] Quick calculation…  Yup, it was August.  I squeezed in an on snow (albeit crappy snow) test of my 2nd pair of homebuilt skis up at the Devil’s Castle Apron last August with Kristian before driving out to North Carolina.  That day also completed a 12 month Turns All […]

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