Posted by: wasatchprotocol | August 22, 2010

2010.08.22 – Salem Lake Greenway Ride

I haven’t gotten a new chain for my mountain bike (broke it yesterday at Hobby Park and made a temporary fix) so no mountain biking today.  Instead I decided to take my CrossCheck which is set up perfectly for fire roads and head down to the Salem Lake Greenway.  The paved part of the Greenway starts somewhere south of downtown Winston-Salem, goes south, then turns east and eventually hits the lake.  The Greenway then turns into a wide dirt path – pretty much a fireroad – that circles the lake in a seven or eight mile loop.  I parked a bit west of the lake at Reynolds Park, caught the Greenway and started in to the lake.  During my ride around the lake I snapped a few photos.  It’s a nice ride, perfect for a cross-setup like my bike, or for an easy-going ride on a mountain bike.  Skinny road bike tires would probably get thrown around.

The lake from a little bridge.

The small westernmost inlet of the lake.

Today's method of transportation.

Ze bike on ze bridge.

Greenway under the canopy.

The lake from a rock outcropping near the eastern side.

A little causeway thingy.

A couple of guys fishing from the pier by the marina.

Nice morning.  Then back to the temp housing to do some much needed laundry.


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