Posted by: wasatchprotocol | September 7, 2010

2010.09.05 – OVT and Shiners’ Run

Last weekend I drove east.  This weekend I went west to Wilkesboro, North Carolina’s Kerr Scott Dam and Reservoir, which is about 45 minutes from Winston-Salem.  Currently there are 3 trail systems there.  On the northeastern side of the reservoir is the Dark Mountain network of trails which consists of a middle “beginner’s” loop and side loops branching out that when linked together give you a 7 mile loop or so.   On the southwestern end of the reservoir is Warrier Creek.  This is the newest trail in the area and is about 13 miles long.  It’s considered the most technical of the three trail systems.  I didn’t ride it this time, but will definitely be back.  On the southern side of the reservoir sits the Overmountain Victory Trail.  6 miles one way, with the optional 2.5 mile Shiners’ Run trail.  So out and back with hitting Shiners’ both way results in about a 17 mile ride.  This trail was described to me as a smooth singletrack rollercoaster, so that’s the one I went with.

The OVT-Shriner’s ride was probably my favorite NC ride so far.  It had great smooth singletrack spanning most of the trail, but had several rooty and rocky sections to keep your attention.  The most fun part was the amount of well kept bermed turns throughout the entire ride.  They were in perfect condition and allowed a lot of speed to be carried through the turns.

I only took a couple of pictures this time since I was having too much fun to stop very often.

Singletrack = good.

Windy turns = good.


The video shows some sections of the ride.

It was that fun for 17 miles.


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