Posted by: wasatchprotocol | October 11, 2010

Wasatch Memories

While sitting on the 5 hour ferry ride from Naxos to Athens in Greece (will post photos from our trip at some point) I went through some old footage.  I grabbed excerpts from various POVs I took while skiing at the the resorts from the last couple seasons, cut a lot out, and compiled them into a new video.  Since I no longer live in Utah, it was a even a little nostalgic, hence the title “Wasatch Memories”.  I’m really going to miss being able to skip work for deep stormy mornings in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  The footage here is all resort footage.  Perhaps later in the fall when all of you Utahrds start skiing again, I’ll go back and make a new backcountry edit to keep myself sane.

98% of the footage is POV footage that I took on my old Vio POV.1.  It’s not an HD camera, so the video quality leaves something to be desired.  What can you do?  There are several short pieces with 3rd person footage of me that my buddy Si took on his helmet cam.  Music is “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio and “Sovereignty” by the Japandroids.

The crappy framegrab below is just so this post gets a thumbnail if linked to.


Grainy framegrab.




  1. Beautiful, beautiful! Very nostalgic. You just have to get out there at some point this winter.

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