Posted by: wasatchprotocol | October 25, 2010

October Mountain Biking in North Carolina

Since we’re mostly moved into our place in Winston-Salem, we’ve been able to get out for a couple of rides on the weekend.

Two weekends ago we still had a few home improvement things to do so I took Steph to Hobby Park since it’s close by.  It’s a fun ride that winds around a park where people race their remote controlled cars and planes, and where they have a soapbox derby track – hence why it’s called HOBBY Park.  It was Steph’s first time back on the mountain bike in a couple  months, and she was using my SPD pedals which she wasn’t used to, and the trail was a bit rooty.  But we had fun.

Steph in Hobby Park

There's a little dirt jumping/pump track there. I didn't get much air. I'll have to go back some other time.

Another "micro" air. But I got huge on the next one...

Then this past Saturday we drove out to Wilkesboro and road the Overmountain Victory Trail.  I love this trail.  Fast and flowy.  Steph rode better.  Once she gets off her 8-year old Hard Rock and onto a new lighter ride with a decent fork she’ll be ripping it up.

Steph cruising the OVT. The Kerr Scott Reservoir is visible through the trees.

Me on the OVT.

Artsy tree bark.

1 second later.



Lean into the turn.

The leaves were changing.  It made for a nice backdrop for the day.

Lonely red leaf.

They had yellow ones too.

What’ll it be next time?



  1. That looks amazing, biking in North Carolina definately looks worth a try.

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