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Greece: Part 1

I meant to post this a few months ago, but I sorta forgot about it.  So it’s about time I do it now.

Steph and I got married in September.  We had some good friends and family come to Salt Lake for the occasion.  It was a blast.  Steph’s got a bunch of pictures on Facebook, but maybe a few of them will end up on the blog too.  We’ll see.  Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to everyone who helped out with various things.

The day after the wedding, Steph and I left for Greece.  (Photos are a mix of ones taken by Steph and taken by me.)  The flight from SLC to Paris was long, but the leg to Athens wasn’t too bad.  Pretty soon we were walking through Monastiraki trying to pick a place to eat dinner out of the many small restaurants lining the streets.

After dropping our bags off and taking a shower, 1 minute from the hotel was the Monastiraki neighborhood. Cool buildings already.

The first taste of Greece was gooood.

I had some pretty awesome pork souvlaki and Steph had some mousaka. Both were really good.

The next morning we woke up early.  We were super jet-lagged.  But the breakfast buffet on the roof of the hotel started at 6, so we had breakfast by sunrise with a view of the Acropolis.

Greek coffee at breakfast.

We did the usual sightseeing things aka we headed for the Acropolis.

Lots of graffiti in Greece.

The Acropolis from a nearby rock outcropping.

Parthenon under repair.

The Erechtheum

Steph finds the good light.

By the other side of the Parthenon.


Steph on pieces of the Parthenon.

Part of Athens from the Acropolis

Theater of Dionysus.

Cappucino Freddos are all the rage in Greece. Super good. Gonna have to make them here.

And then we ran into Jon (Floppy) and Jen, some college friends who were there on a trip to Greece too.  Crazy.  Ouzo, wine, and baklava ensued.  Great to spend time with good friends in far away locations.  No photos of them in Athens, but they’ll make an appearance later…

More graffiti on the way to dinner with Floppy and Jen.

Ensued baklava and Ouzo.

Next we were off to the island of Mykonos and its bizarre little town for a few days.  It’s a tiny island, but was probably my favorite of the trip.

Steph by the famous windmills of Mykonos.

An average "street" in Mykonos. AKA only foot traffic and mopeds can get through. Mykonos was like a bizarre white labyrinth.

Steph out past the harbor. Little Venice in the background.


More "streets"


Little churches by the sea.

Steph wanted to take a photo of me with the spray splashing me. She missed it...

Petros (Peter) the Pelican. He got hurt years ago and a fisherman took him in and took care of him. Ever since, Peter hangs out around the harbor. Not just at the beach and docks, but in the alleys and restaurants.

A Mykonos local.

Steph and I at Agios Stefanos in the evening.

Hungry? No problem.

One of the many little Mykonos churches.

Scuba diving was awesome. I'd never done it before.

I laid out in the water for a while at one of the secluded beaches in the northern inlet of the island.

After the beach, Steph made a friend by the road.

Sunset. Really roughing it at this point...

Our buddy Petros again.

We found my bar.

Mad cat!

After a few days in Mykonos we hopped on another ferry and headed for Santorini, one of the many potential homes of the lost civilization of Atlantis.  Most of the island exploded and sank in a volcanic eruption a long time ago, leaving a crescent shaped outer rim and a couple of other islands – all of which have impressive cliffs on the caldera side.  There’s also a relatively new volcanic island in the center of the caldera now.

But due to striking transportation workers, the ferry stopped in Syros.  Guess they were tired and needed a break.


Good excuse for a caffe freddo.

Signage. Ok, I guess they ride the internet in Greece.

After an hour or two we were back on the ferry and on our way to Santorini.  Read/see about it in Greece: Part 2.  Coming soon.  Stay tuned.



  1. Nice travel & photos!

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