Posted by: wasatchprotocol | January 27, 2011

DPS Spoon 150. “Cleat” Technology.

This was just released on Facebook by DPS:

“The patent pending DPS Spoon 150 at SIA in Denver. More to come on this shortly…” with this photo.

This ski looks crazy.  It has a convex base for ridiculous slarve-ability.  But the cleats (outward bulges in camber keep things in check.  In other words the cleats will still give the ski some bite into the snow once you engage the edges into firmer snow.  That’s my take anyways.

Then they put out this:

“DPS: A Legacy of Innovation in Ski Design and Technology

2002: DPS’ Stephan Drake was the first to introduce the word “rocker” to skiing’s vocabulary.

2005: DPS built the first rockered sidecut ski–the Lotus 138

2005: DPS pioneered the world’s first Pure carbon fiber sandwich construction ski.

2011: The arrival of DPS’ patent pending Cleat Technology and the Spoon with Cleat Technology.

Introducing the DPS Spoon and the patent pending DPS Cleat Technology…….”  Here’s the whole thing.

Get to the rest of pics here.


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