Posted by: wasatchprotocol | February 1, 2011

Test Tube Meat!!

My pal Vladimir Mironov down at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston made the news recently.  Again.  He’s done it before.

Vladimir has a lot of very creative out of the box ideas.  Some might call them crazy.  But he’s a super smart guy.  I’ve worked with him in the past as part of a multi-institution project for developing bioprinting technology.  And he was my external dissertation adviser when I was finishing my PhD.

One of his newer ideas (it’s been floating around for a bit though, as he’s mentioned it before) is to make meat in the laboratory.  Eventually this could be scaled up to be a actual food source that could fight hunger and reduce costs.

More here.

I know some people think it’s gross, the world’s food supply won’t last forever at the current population growth rate…


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