Posted by: wasatchprotocol | March 20, 2011

2011.03.20 Apparently It’s Spring, So Let’s Ride!

It’s been warm lately.  February was rainy and wet, so the trails were muddy.  MTB trail etiquette says that you don’t ride when the trails are muddy (the exception being a scheduled race) because wet riding will destroy the trail, so our riding has unfortunately been a little sporatic.  In addition, I tweaked my left wrist/hand/forearm on a bizarre fall off my bike back in early January while breaking in my Karate Monkey.

Things are looking up now finally.  So with the spring weather rolling in (although I’m dreading the super humid summer…) and the trails drying out, Steph and I returned to Tanglewood for a Sunday afternoon ride.

The dirt was good. Nice and smooth.

But there are quite a few rooty climbs and short descents. Not Utah technical, but fun.

Rigid fork baby. Arms + legs = suspension

Steph found some shrooms on a log.

Steph was there too. Shredding on the red beast.

All in all a nice spring ride.  One of these days I’ll have to drag the squishy bike out for a ride and see how it feels after a couple months on the rigid singlespeed.  It’ll be a fun comparison.

Photo credits: Steph Skardal


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