Posted by: wasatchprotocol | March 24, 2011

Utah soon!

It’s only 2 weeks now until I have to return to Utah do some home owner duty and make sure some things at the house are good.

AKA excuse to do some skiing!

If we get fresh snow, we’ll ski whatever is safe, and it will be deep and it will be awesome.  However, I have some potential lines that have been asking to be skied, should we not get fresh snow.

Obviously I won’t be able to ski all of these lines while I’m there, and maybe I won’t be able to ski any of them while I’m there, since it’s impossible to predict the avalanche conditions several weeks out.  But this list serves as 1) motivation for myself for two more weeks to keep up my soccer/running/biking routine to stay in shape to attempt to keep up with Steve and company while I’m out there, and 2) motivation for Steve to have some motivation to go after and check off some steeper shots.

Potential lines if they’re in:

1. Coalpit.  Steve and I both have not skied this face-to-gully shot.  I’ll have to find out if the waterfall in the lower couloir/gully goes or not.  Or if we’d need a rope.  The only problem is that the exit is mid-to-lower canyon so it could potentially be melted out a bit.

The Coalpit Headwall at the upper middle/left with the Y Couloir down the the left and Coalpit Gulch exiting further down on the right. Several other interesting descents are shown as well. Taken from

2. Raymond.  Steve has hit it a few times.  I’ve always missed out.  East-facing though, so if it’s a warm April, it’d have to be early.  Maybe it’ll be cold.  This photo is Steve’s.

Steve took this photo a few years ago. Raymond in the sunlight.

3. Coalpit #4.  Depends on the spring thaw, but should be doable with a little bushwacking by the creek maybe.   I wanted to ski this couloir for a while before I left Utah, but had trouble roping partners in.  I think we can skin the whole thing.


4. Needle.  This line is sweet, but with only 4 days of skiing in UT, I’ll probably opt to do either this or Coalpit, that is, if the conditions, and my conditioning warrants it.

This photo is from Andrea McLean's

5. The Seagull Couloir.  It’ll definitely be in.  None of my buddies have skied it.  Seems like a decent choice since Tuscarora could be combined with some fun Wolvie lines.

From The Seagull.

As you can tell, I’m excited over the possibilities.  If it snows hard, and we can only ski mellow, but deep meadow skipping trees, then I’ll be super happy.  If it doesn’t, then all the more reason to ski some of the above descents.  Hopefully I can keep up with Steve, Paul, Todd, Nate, etc.  Now, which skis to bring????



  1. It is always deeper when you are dropping a knee!

    • That is true. We’ll see what happens. Ski choice depends on the forecast.

  2. What dates are you going to be here again?

    • Getting in Wednesday night on the 6th, will be skiing Thurs – Sun, then leaving Monday morning.

      • Sweet. I am glad I could not book the Zeiss any of those days for experiments.

      • We have 3 Zeiss’ and 2 Leica’s. And that doesn’t even include the confocal scopes. What up now?

  3. This is just for the confocal, which is probably way better than yours!

    • Ooooooo, trash talk. I haven’t used any of our confocals yet, so I dunno how good it is. Anyways…

  4. If we can, we should definitely try to hit Mt Raymond.

    • Agreed. Will probably have to be an early start since it’s east facing.

      • Aren’t those the best though?

      • Ya mon. Cuz you can go to Moochies for lunch afterwards.

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