Posted by: wasatchprotocol | April 13, 2011

…April Pow and Lots of It – Part 2: Mineral Fork and a Tiger

After skiing Mt. Raymond on Friday, devouring wings at the Wingcoop, and repairing tired muscles in our buddy Paul’s hot tub, we were ready for round 2 on Saturday.  Today’s objective was Bengal Tiger, a chute/slidepath in Mineral Fork that none of us had skied before.  Fueled up on a bacon, scrambled egg, and toast breakfast at Steve’s, Steve, Paul, and I began the skin up Mineral Fork in another fresh 1-2 feet of snow.  Today I was the photographer with my little Canon point and shoot.

The Wasatch, still in winters firm grasp.

Luckily, someone had started the skin track into Mineral, but as we approached Bengal Tiger we had to break trail ourselves.

Steve leading the way in lower Mineral.

A dead tree.

Pretty soon we were off the established skin track and it got steeper as we headed up the east side of the drainage.  We ran Indian Run trail breaking cycles to keep our pace up without tiring us out (we got tired).

Steve in the front breaking trail through the aspens at the moment.

Paul, also known as Paouul Venaablé (inside joke) taking a breather.

The snow became deeper and deeper as we ascended.  Near the top we were breaking trail in over knee-high snow.  That’ll work the hip flexor muscles.

Breaking trail. Up, up, and up we go.

For round 1 we dropped in and skied about an 800′ shot, ate a late lunch, and skinned back up for round 2.  Round 2 took us all the way down to the main drainage where we cruised back to the car on the Canyon road.

Paul slashing the pow.

Steve reaping the goods.


Steve almost needed a snorkel. I told you it was deep!

These turns were definitely earned the old fashioned way.  Several thousand feet of vert, many of which were earned breaking trail in deep snow.  We had faceshot after faceshot all the way down.  How’s that for an April 9th in the mountains?

We were running the POV video camera for both laps, but unfortunately it was having some issues and the ridiculous over the head blower footage was never actually recorded.  Bummer.

Post skiing activities then included a soak in the hot tub once again, a trip to Epic Brewery for some “carb loading”, my reknowned salmon and mushroom manicotti (with salmon Steve caught in Alaska), and an evening with old friends.  Just the ticket.  We were all a bit stiff and sore on Sunday morning, but we had to get over that, since Part 3 was on its way.



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