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Wasatch Protocol is a blog (duh).  It’s mostly about skiing (duh #2).  And skiing related things, like backcountry trip reports, gear, and building skis.  It also is about some not-always-skiing-related things like Steph, our dogs, camping, hiking, biking, photography, and school.  Have fun.

Thanks to Steve Gourley for taking the photo I’m currently using for the top banner.



  1. Hey, nice site. I found it searching for info on Coalpit. Turns out, Nate B. lived with me when he first came to Utah–small world. But he’s way too cool to call me when he does cool shit. It seems you and I have a lot of similar interests. Maybe we can get together and tour. I’ve had a bug up my butt to ski the North Chute on Deseret Peak. Any interest? Matt.

  2. Thanks. Definitely going back to Deseret this year some time, but no point in going up there until the road opens (unless you got a sled). Gotta check with the FS about the road. Last year we went up and hit the NE-facing shotgun chutes south of the peak on Memorial day – road had just opened a week earlier. My guess is that with less snowfall the road will be open early-mid May. By North Chute do you mean the east-facing one that sits north of the peak? It looked fun when we were up there. I’m definitely interested in hitting it. Shoot me an email some time and we can try to get out and ski something (aleks.skardal@utah.edu).

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